Saturday, October 23, 2010

Green & Purple!

Young Gunna & BabeHound
I have recently got an opportunity I thought I'd never get. I got to work with BabeHound and Young Gunna on the same track. They are two very talented, lyrical, and young artists. I got a call from BH out of nowhere to tell me he was in town. My first thought was, "We gonna drop a track tonight!" So I called out of work and headed to the pick up. This was the first time meeting BH in person, but we instantly clicked when it came to music. We both had the same mind set of things and how we see music. I told him how I wanted to hear someone rip the "Black & Yellow" by Wiz Khalifa instrumental and the first thing he said was, "Green & Purple." With the concept of Money & Purple Haze at hand not only being what it is, but a lifestyle, I knew it would be a banger. Then, a collab popped up in my mind with Young Gunna on hand. Before I could even tell Young Gunna the instrumental we were gonna do, he texted me sayin that he wanted to do the "Black & Yellow" instrumental. Right when I read that, I knew it was meant to go down. Their styles went hand in hand. We all linked up in Phive Studios and got straight to work. The hook came natural and the verses came to them like it was already thought of. So we spent countless hours laying down vocals. But in only one night we finished the track. BH and I stayed up mixing and editing the track until 7:30AM. Phive Studios was live as f*** until we left. And so came the banger "Green & Purple" ft. Young Gunna by BabeHound.
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