Monday, October 11, 2010

Phive's Rookie Of The Year 2010: Jag (of Larsiny/Krossover Ent.)

Jag of Larsiny/Krossover Ent. is one of the most talented rappers that I have come across. Jag linked up with one of the best rappers in the game & an East Coast veteran; Cassidy. Cassidy had the right idea by signing this talented individual from the West Coast; Los Angeles, California to be exact. Both rappers are from two different coasts and yet have the perfect flows to match. The word play of Jag is amazing just like Cassidy's. His metaphors are sick, flow is insane, and he is very versatile. Although some may say he raps about nothing, but the streets and how he gets his hustle on, he is rapping about his life and being real about it. But one key freestyle that he showed his versatility in is the All I Want Is You Remix by Miguel ft. Jag & J. Cole, which he fuses his rough, grimmy style with an R&B artist such as Miguel and a lyrical phenomenon like J. Cole to form a track about women in their lives. It is sad that he kind of went unnoticed this year because as I said before, he is one of the most talented rappers out right now. I expect big things from Jag & Cass. They have so much potential to blow up. And I have a feeling 2011 will be their year.

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